Daily Doses PT.7

WARNING IF YOU'RE FUCKIN SENSITIVE TO GROSS STUFF STAY AWAY YOU'VE BEEN WARNED Beautiful Motherfuckers, sorry that I haven't posted in a while for daily doses (don't you know what the definition of daily means -follower probably)... School is almost over and I need to finish all of my assignments, but I have decided to update y'all because why the fuck... Continue Reading →

Songs That I Have On Repeat Right Now

Hello peoples, I don't know why you are reading this, but fuck it. Songs that I have on repeat right now (air guitar time haha) are:  Hard To Explain-The Strokes  Is It Me-The Kooks  Ottoman-Vampire Weekend  The End Has No End-The Strokes The Kids Don't Stand A Chance-Vampire Weekend  Four Out Of Five-Arctic Monkeys  Tiny Little Robots-Cage The... Continue Reading →

Life As An AP Student PT.4

    Beautiful Motherfuckers, I "died" (I'm a ghost haha) in my ap bio final. Took that shit today and well it was hell, but I did take my sweet ass time (friends were like look at sam always taking her sweet ass time) and guess what taking your sweet ass time pays off.  Because...... Continue Reading →

Arctic Monkeys New Album

  Hello beautiful motherfuckers, yes you heard it right, Arctic Monkeys released a new album yesterday and I was like: fuck yeah nothing is about to ruin this day for me. Considering that the album was bashed by so many people, I was a bit hesitant at first then I was like time to rip the... Continue Reading →

Daily Doses PT.6

Fuck, where have I been? I decided to take a break for a while, but now I'm back you beautiful motherfuckers. Events that happen over my relaxation week: went fuckin roller skating (yep fell numerous times that I ended up with a few bruises...fuckin hell haha) catching up on my assignments (got to finish the school year... Continue Reading →

Life As An AP Student PT.3

  Hello, beautiful motherfuckers, guess what the fuck I'm doing, work I'm doing work. (fuck this shit...I'm exhausted) It is currently 12:00 am in the morning and I have to get up for school in about 5 hours. (that no sleep life...it's painful) I am supposed to be doing my science homework, but I decided to take a... Continue Reading →

Stop It

Cacophony When you fight the pain is there As I put on my headphones to block the noise  The world seems far away  When you fight the pain is there  As I feel angry  You fight because you don't care  When you fight the pain is there Do me a favor and stop So, the world... Continue Reading →

Daily Doses PT.5

Another Day of Survival of Sam...   Today in school, we created candle holders for teacher appreciation day which is Tuesday, May 8, SO STUDENTS, GO SHOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE YOUR TEACHERS OR YOUR FAVORITE TEACHER. I made two one to donate to a random teacher I don't know and one for myself to give to... Continue Reading →

Daily Doses PT.4

    My handwriting is what you would call atrocious, you see, my handwriting is ridiculously small (does that say fuck you or duck you) and some of my teachers have complained to me to write larger. (um no thanks)     I'M NOT BEING A DICK IT'S JUST WHEN I DO WRITE LARGER IT LOOKS LIKE... Continue Reading →

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